Holiday Gift Guide 2022

A hint of snow is in the air mixed with the warm aroma of some baked good wafting in from the kitchen… ahhh. It’s Christmas time! My favorite time of year. You’ll find me with hot cocoa, a cozy blanket, and a Christmas movie playing at every chance I get during this time of year. I love so many things about the holiday season – spending time with loved ones, being more intentional with my gratitude, and of course celebrating the birth of our Savior! I also love choosing gifts for those that I love.

Spending a little extra time and energy thinking up the perfect gift and then wrapping it up nicely to see their excitement on Christmas morning is a tradition that I really love! But, I know that the way this season has been commercialized can be really overwhelming. Hopefully this gift guide can help spark some good ideas for those on your list this year and help curb some of that holiday overwhelm.

All gift guides are live! Just click on the graphic and it’ll take you to the gift guide.

Still looking? Check out my gift guide post from 2021 – there are still great ideas on there!

With love,
Mercedes ♥


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