Holiday Gift Guide 2022

A hint of snow is in the air mixed with the warm aroma of some baked good wafting in from the kitchen… ahhh. It’s Christmas time! My favorite time of year. You’ll find me with hot cocoa, a cozy blanket, and a Christmas movie playing at every chance I get during this time of year. I love so many things about the holiday season …

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Hi, I’m Mercedes.

I am an avid DIYer (often with a kid or two on my hip) tackling projects of all sizes. Expect to find detailed tutorials helping encourage you to take on projects of your own!


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Holiday Gift Guide for Home & Kitchen Lovers | 2022

I have something against appliances for Christmas. In my mind, if it’s a gift with the sole purposes of helping someone fulfill a family chore, then it should not be a Christmas gift! To me, Christmas gifts should be something luxurious specifically for the individual that they would not normally purchase. Now, if someone you … Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide for Home & Kitchen Lovers | 2022

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