Holiday Gift Guide for Home & Kitchen Lovers | 2022

I have something against appliances for Christmas. In my mind, if it’s a gift with the sole purposes of helping someone fulfill a family chore, then it should not be a Christmas gift! To me, Christmas gifts should be something luxurious specifically for the individual that they would not normally purchase. Now, if someone you are buying a gift for has been eyeing an expensive vacuum or an instant pot for ages and you know that they really want it, then go for it! But without further adieu, here is a list of home and kitchen ideas that are not appliances.

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  1. Countertop Compost Bin – This is a great way to start composting. Convenient for kitchen scraps and super cute to boot!
  2. Candle (10% off) – This is a massive candle that they’ll be able to burn for ages. The clove and current scent is spicy and sweet and will be perfect for creating a cozy mood.
  3. Cookbook Stand (15% off) – There’s nothing more annoying than having to open your cookbook 80 times while you’re trying to make a recipe. Solve that annoying problem with this cookbook stand. Pair it with the bread cookbook on this list, or this Magnolia Table one, or this one from The Great British Baking Show!
  4. Pura (BOGO free) – I have two of these devices, one in my bedroom and one in my living room. I love having a soft, passive scent wafting through the house and look forward to switching the scents around with the seasons. They’ll be able to control the scent strength and set it on a schedule through the app on their phone.
  5. Turkish Towel Set (13% off) – These hand-loomed towels are so luxurious! They become stronger and softer with each wash and are sure to elevate any bathroom.
  6. Art of the Board – I have been having so much fun putting together charcuterie boards for all sorts of get togethers. This book has beautiful boards that are sure to impress any guest. Pair it with this board for a complimentary gift.
  7. Oil & Vinegar Cruet – I like having my oil next to the stove but I don’t like the ugly bottle most oils are sold in. Help them beautiful their everyday with these gorgeous stoneware cruets.
  8. Recipe Tin (30% off with code MERRY30) – Bring back a sweet tradition of handwritten recipes stored in a pretty tin in the kitchen.
  9. Blanket – For the person on your list who loves nothing more than being cozy. This blanket tops every list for being super cozy. You can find a dupe for it here, too.
  10. Mastering Bread Cookbook – Get them this book and then benefit from all the delicious bread they’ll inevitably be whipping up!
  11. Black Silverware – Gone are the days of boring, silver silverware! This black set is stunning.
  12. Butter Crock (33% off) – These will keep their butter soft and spreadable and of course it’ll look cute on their counter (maybe even next to the cruets…).

Hopefully this list was helpful! Check out my other guides here.

With love,
Mercedes ♥


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