Holiday Gift Guide for BFFS | 2022

These gifts are sure to put a smile on your friends faces. Getting a gift from a friend can feel so thoughtful and sweet and this list is full of great ideas.

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  1. Hair Scrunchies (40% off) – I love that these come with the little bows attached. These would be perfect paired with the face masks!
  2. Silk Pillowcase (42% off!) – Her skin and hair will thank you for this luxurious gift! Since they’re half off, grab one for yourself while you’re at it.
  3. Crocs (25% off) – Whether given ironically or unironically, how fun/funny would it be to have matching crocs?
  4. Plant (30% off) – For those of us who aren’t a walking plant cemetery (it’s me, hi!), what about a plant? There are so many to choose from on this site and they come with beautiful planters.
  5. Personalized Stationary – Have you ever had personalized stationary? I received some as a gift once and I loved it! I have never felt so elegant leaving a note as when it had my name printed on it.
  6. Waterfall Coupe Glasses – You don’t have to drink alcohol to own beautiful glasses! Just about anything tastes better when you’re sipping it from a beautiful glass. This set of 4 is sure to impress!
  7. Poppy & Pout Lip Balm Box – We all have that friend who is never without her lip balm. This box is (a) gorgeous and (b) a steal since a single balm retails for $10.
  8. Light Up Pocket Mirror (15% off) – This rechargeable light up mirror is perfect for the friend who loves to have her makeup just right.
  9. Morse Code Necklace (20% off) – Spell out “bestie,” “best friend,” or maybe even an inside joke between the two of you.
  10. Pajamas – Why does a fresh pair of pajamas always equal the best night of sleep? She’ll look cute and cozy in this set. Pair it with the silk pillowcase!
  11. Diffuser & Oil Set (43% off!) – I love this wooden diffuser and it comes with a few oils to get her collection started.
  12. Face Mask Set (15% off) – She’ll have perfect, glowy skin and hopefully a few self-care nights.

Hopefully you find this helpful for all your bestie gifting needs! Check out my other gift guides here.

With love,
Mercedes ♥


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