Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The holiday season is my absolute favorite time of year. I’ll take a snowstorm, hot cocoa, and Hallmark movies over a summer BBQ any day! And while gifts are definitely not the center of the Christmas season for us, I still have so much fun picking out gifts that I hope my loved ones will cherish. With shipping times all over the place this year, I know a lot of us have started our Christmas shopping early, so here are a few gift guides to (hopefully) help you find some great gifts this year!

One of my favorite gifting traditions is the way we open our presents. We take turns giving instead of opening. For example, I will give a gift to my sister, then it becomes her turn to give a gift to someone else in the family. This really shifts the focus from receiving to giving, which I love. I encourage you to try it!

To easily jump to a category, click on it below!

Gifts for Him
Gifts for Her
Gifts for Toddlers
Gifts for Baby
Gifts for the DIYer
Gifts for Gamers
Gifts for Foodies
Gifts for the Adventurous Soul
Gifts for a New Mama
Stocking Stuffers for Her
Stocking Stuffers for Him

gifts for him

  1. Solo Stove – perfect for roasting marshmallows or just gathering around to tell big fish stories.
  2. Wall Chess Game – this is a unique twist on a classic game, perfect for a man cave!
  3. SodaStream – Jordan got this for Christmas last year and we use it all the time. It’s a big hit with Elliott too.
  4. Cole Haan Grand Motion Sneaker – these are Jordan’s favorite pair of shoes. They are comfortable, stylish, and hold up well.
  5. Wood Charging Station – help him keep his nightstand organized with this charging station. Plus, it’ll look beautiful!
  6. Stanford Ammunition Box ($10 off) – this customizable ammo box is made from an authentic, old US military ammunition box. We got one for my brother in law who is into hobby shooting and it was a big hit.
  7. Levi’s Faux Leather Hooded Jacket (43% off) – there’s nothing better than a great leather jacket and even though this one is faux, it looks and feels real. *The 2021 version is sold out, but this is similar
  8. Spike Ball (14% off) – have you ever played this game? It’s so fun, plus quick and easy to learn!
  9. True Classic Tees (40% off)- these t-shirts are cut differently and both Jordan and my brother in law say that they are the most flattering t-shirts!
  10. Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Boot – comfortable, functional, stylish, enough said. Jordan has a similar pair that’s been discontinued and still uses them years later.
  11. Oculus Quest 2 – definitely a splurge item, but my Dad has one and we have so much fun with it at family gatherings.
  12. Owala Freesip Water Bottle – this is the coolest water bottle. The spout has a built in straw, allowing you to either drink it via the straw or tip it back and chug. Jordan loves his.
  13. WiFi Digital Picture Frame (20% off) – now that everyone is starting to go back to work in the office, a digital picture frame is a sweet way to display family photos on his desk.
  14. Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant – truly the only pants he needs! An investment, but Jordan says they’re worth every penny.
  15. Mapiful Street Map Prints – looking for something sentimental? These cool street map prints are a perfect way to display a location that is meaningful to him.
  16. Wool Grey Tie – Jordan is always looking for great new ties and the Tie Bar has such a good selection. *The 2021 version is sold out, but I found a great replacement!

gifts for her

  1. Water Resistant Chelsea Boots – these are so trendy right now! The 2021 version is sold out but these are similar & 47% off!
  2. Lou and Grey Signature Softblend Sweatpants – I have never owned a softer piece of clothing. You can buy it in a set with a top as well, for added coziness and extra brownie points.
  3. June X Moon Bubbling Bath Fizz – there’s nothing better than a good soak at the end of a long day, especially when it smells divine.
  4. Made by Mary Poppy Choker – everything Made by Mary creates is so beautiful and would make a great gift! This choker is simple but gorgeous.
  5. Staub Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven ($100 off)- this is definitely an investment, but it’ll last forever and it’s so beautiful it’ll make her smile every time you pull it out.
  6. Instax Polaroid Camera – perfect for capturing special memories in a unique way.
  7. Gel Nail Polish Kit (clip the 10% off coupon)- everything you need to get the perfect, long-lasting gel manicure at home.
  8. Stanley Adventure Quencher – this tumbler will keep your water ice cold forever. Okay, not forever, but that’s what it feels like! I have it in granite and love it. They always sell out super quickly, but REI has some in stock. Run!
  9. Vintage Wildflower Puzzle – my sister gifted one of these to me last year and it was so fun to put together, and of course beautiful!
  10. Volcano Candle – this candle lives up to the hype. It’s one of my favorite scents to burn year round.
  11. Ninja CREAMi – Ninja recently came out with this new product that let’s you turn almost anything into ice cream!
  12. Olaplex Gift Set – I use every product in this set and my hair has never been softer. I highly recommend it!
  13. Bodum Electric Kettle – not only does this kettle heat water quickly, it looks beautiful sitting on your counter.
  14. Thread Wallet – with two children to tote around everywhere, I don’t need one more bulky thing to carry. I love my thread wallet and the matching lanyards they sell.
  15. On Cloud Tennis Shoes (19% off) – another trendy shoe, these are on my Christmas list this year!
  16. Hand lettering 101 – know someone who is looking to pick up a new hobby? This one would be so relaxing. Pair it with some good pens, too!

gifts for toddlers

To have some structure to our kid’s gifts, we follow the want, need, wear, read pattern. They get one gift from each category plus a fun, small toy from Santa.

  1. Magnatiles (15% off)- Elliott plays with this for hours on end. Younger toddlers may need help.
  2. Wooden Ramp Racer Playset – the best thing about these cars is that they go forward and backwards for endless fun. The 2021 version is no longer sold, but this one is cute too, and 20% off!
  3. Strider Balance Bike (17% off) – we got Elliott this for his second birthday. I’m pretty sure he rides it every single day!
  4. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Pack – these no mess coloring pads are a work of genius! Especially for in the car.
  5. Snow Boots – we got Elliott boots last year and they were his favorite present! He wore them for like, a week straight. Target has great girl and boy colors.
  6. Step Stool – I don’t love the bulky kitchen stools, but this one I can handle! It’s great for kids who like to help with dinner or baking.
  7. Dyson Kid’s Vacuum – this one has actual suction, so they can pick up crumbs while playing – win win!
  8. Backpack – anyone else have a kid obsessed with carrying their toys with them everywhere? *The one from 2021 is sold out, but this one is so cute & 20% off!
  9. Lou Lou and Company Jammies – I’ve put my kids in Lou Lou and Company jammies from birth and I’m not planning to stop any time soon! Buttery soft and super stretchy, so they last for a really long time.
  10. Hooded Sherpa Lined Jacket – this orange color is so cute in person! *The 2021 version is no longer sold, but this one is cute!
  11. Hedgehog Slippers – we’re getting Elliott slippers this year and I know he’s going to be obsessed with them! *The hedgehog style is no longer sold, but these dino ones are awesome.
  12. Cotton Stripe Apron – this is cute to pair with the step stool for an up and coming chef! *This exact one is no longer sold, but this one is super similar!
  13. The Little Blue Truck – Elliott can recite every word in this cute book.
  14. Llama Llama Red Pajama – this one makes me laugh every time I read it – it’s so relatable.
  15. A River – we were gifted this book for Elliott’s first birthday and it’s a treasure! The artwork is stunning.
  16. The Very Cranky Bear – another family favorite of ours, I’ve probably been read this one close to a thousand times at this point.

gifts for baby

  1. Mushie Stacking Cups – perfect for little fingers!
  2. Lovevery Hide & Find Drop Box – this toy is so fun, it’s like magic when the ball disappears.
  3. Ryan and Rose Teether/Rattle – we are long time lovers of Ryan & Rose. Theia loves their teethers and they come in so many fun colors.
  4. Loop the Loop – this is a toy that can grow with your kiddo. Theia loves it but so does Elliott!
  5. Joovy Spoon Walker – this is a great walker and I love that the tray keeps them out of things they shouldn’t be getting into. Just be sure you have baby proofed stairs before using this.
  6. Ingenuity Cozy Spot Activity Mat – I don’t love the look of a lot of baby toys, but this one is super cute! Comes in a boy and girl version.
  7. Saranoni Blanket – I have never felt a softer blanket, I’m pretty sure you’re baby needs this too!
  8. Jellycat Bunny (32% off)- if you don’t have any Jellycat stuffed animals, you need one! They are the softest.
  9. Lou Lou and Company Jammies – I love Lou Lou and Company jammies for my kids, and the top and bottom sets can double as a legit outfit for a baby. Yay!
  10. Kyte Baby Zippered Footie – if you’re more into footies, these are the best. I didn’t know about them with Elliott, but we have a bunch for Theia.
  11. Linen Hair Bows – because you can never have too many bows, right?
  12. Baby Sweater Set – cute baby boy clothes are hard to find, but this one is a winner in my book!
  13. The Magic Bunny – this super sweet book would be cute paired with the bunny above.
  14. Parade of Elephants – Elliott “reads” this book to Theia and it is so sweet!
  15. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft Book – if your baby loves crinkly things, this is a great book!
  16. Dear Zoo Flap Book – this is a family favorite! Dear zoo…

gifts for the DIYer

  1. Dewalt Cordless Drill/Driver – the infamous drill whose battery lasted me over a year. It’s by far the best drill I’ve ever owned.
  2. Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer – a must have for accent walls and almost every other project I work on!
  3. Danner Tool Belt – as someone who can never find her tape measure…pencil…screwdriver…this is on my list this year!
  4. K4 Pocket Hole System – this jig makes pocket holes super easy! I have a simpler version, but I would love to make an upgrade to this one soon!
  5. Tape Measure – a self locking totally-not-scary tape measure for all of us afraid of our tape measures.
  6. Safety Glasses – no more lame safety glasses, these are so cute on top of being protective.
  7. Miter Saw – next to my nail gun, this is probably my most used tool. It’s so versatile and investing in good quality really pays off.
  8. Circular Saw – for cuts that your miter saw can’t make.
  9. Digital Level – another one on my Christmas list, no more squinting at bubbles because the digital display tells you exactly when this is level.
  10. Home Depot Gift Card – I’m normally not a gift card giver, but projects get expensive quickly and wrapping a gift card is easier than a 2×4! It would be cute to give it with a note about the project you’re hoping to fund (i.e. for the accent wall in your bedroom).
  11. Ryobi Multitool – I recently added this to my tool kit and I can’t believe how handy it has been! So many uses.
  12. HomeRight Paint Sprayer (19% off)- a great paint sprayer at an even better price. I love mine!
  13. Driver Bit Set – this set has every driving bit you need, and the case helps keep it nice and organized.
  14. Power Screwdriver – the tool you didn’t realize you can’t live without. Seriously, it is such a life saver!
  15. Wood Clamps – I’m always hunting for more wood clamps – these are also on my list this year.
  16. Orbital Sander – sanding is such an important part of any project.

gifts for gamers

I have no description for these other than to say that they are all Jordan approved – haha!

  1. Mouse Pad
  2. HyperX Gaming Headset (40% off!)
  3. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse (20% off)
  4. Acer Nitro Curved Monitor
  5. Steam Gift Card
  6. Razer Keyboard
  7. GT Racing Gaming Chair
  8. Oculus Quest 2
  9. Headset Stand (20% off)
  10. Blue Light Blocking Glasses (47% off!)
  11. Mini Fridge
  12. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  13. Nintendo Switch
  14. Linksys Smart Mesh Wifi Router – if you feel like your internet is slow, upgrade your router! You’ll be shocked.
  15. Computer Desk
  16. LED Strip Lights (clip the $5 off coupon)

gifts for Foodies

  1. Staub Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – this is definitely an investment, but it’ll last forever and make you smile every time you pull it out.
  2. Cuisinart Kitchen Knife Set (50% off!) – not only do these have phenomenal reviews, but they’ll look gorgeous on your counter.
  3. Vidalia Chop Wizard – I use this every day. The best part is that when you cut onions, your eyes don’t water.
  4. Ninja Foodi (20% off) – this is on my list this year! Imagine the delicious sweet potato fries…
  5. Milo Cast Iron Skillet – rated as the best value cast iron pan, this is sure to please.
  6. Apron – this is such a cute apron – grab a matching kid one too!
  7. Ninja CREAMi – Ninja recently came out with this new product that let’s you turn almost anything into ice cream!
  8. Flexible Cutting Mat – I always reach for my cutting mats before my cutting boards!
  9. Staub Rectangular Baking Set (45% off!)- Christmas dinner will be so much prettier served in these pretty dishes.
  10. All Clad Pans ($85 off!)- I received some all clad pans for Christmas a few years ago and still love them. They’ll last forever if you take care of them.
  11. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook – a cookbook with new recipes is always a good idea for a foodie, even better if you can get a cookbook geared towards their favorite food.
  12. Truff Sauce (clip the 15% off coupon)- I got this hot sauce for Jordan for his birthday and it’s so yummy. Really unique but absolutely delicious.
  13. BBQ Spice Set – perfect for your dad who just bought a Traeger.
  14. KitchenAid Pasta Maker Attachments – not only can you make the most delicious pasta, it’s also super fun and a great date night activity!
  15. Marble Rolling Pin – for the baker of the group.
  16. Brass Salt and Pepper Mill – ok, this is a huge splurge, but I mean…I want them.

gifts for the adventurous soul

  1. Darn Tough Hiking Socks – good socks are invaluable for happy feet.
  2. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag – I got my sister this bag and she uses it for everything!
  3. Lifestraw Go Water Bottle – this bottle will filter water from any source, allowing you to drink clean water on the go.
  4. QUAY Sunglasses – protect your eyes and look cute too.
  5. Cotopaxi Backpack – the perfect size for a day trip!
  6. Blundstone Classic Chelsea Boot – these are a great boot for camping (though not a hiking boot).
  7. Scratch Off USA Map – it’s like a travel bucket list that you can hang on the wall!
  8. Classic Anorak Jacket – comes in both men’s and women’s cuts and multiple different warmth levels.
  9. Athleta Venture Pant – I have a pair of these joggers and they are so very comfortable. 10/10 recommend.
  10. Matador NanoDry Towel – I cannot believe how small this super absorbent towel packs up.
  11. Yeti Cooler – a bit of a splurge, but these are bear proof and can keep ice for 7 days, which makes them perfect for camping.
  12. Leatherman – every pocket tool you will ever need wrapped up in one compact item.
  13. National Parks Pass – the closest you can be to legitimately gifting adventure.
  14. Epic Hikes of the World – when you can’t be out on an adventure, at least you can be dreaming of your next one!
  15. Camping Hammock (clip the 20% off coupon!)- my brother will sleep in a hammock over a sleeping bag on the ground any day.
  16. Matador Pocket Blanket – another Matador product, this tiny blanket is perfect for backpacking trips.

gifts for a new mama

  1. Mama Sweatshirt – there’s nothing better than a cozy sweatshirt and this one is so sweet for a new mama.
  2. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag – I had a boring diaper bag with Elliott and upgraded to this one with Theia. It is so much more fun to carry around a diaper bag you love!
  3. June X Moon Bubbling Bath Fizz – there’s nothing better than a good soak at the end of a long day, especially when it smells divine.
  4. Sollybaby Wrap – both my babies have loved being worn. The wrap takes a few tries to figure out, but then it becomes second nature. The perfect solution to fussy babies.
  5. Stanley Adventure Quencher – this tumbler will keep your water ice cold forever. Okay, not forever, but that’s what it feels like! I have it in granite and love it. They always sell out super quickly, but REI has some in stock. Run!
  6. Robe – I lived in this robe postpartum with Theia.
  7. Saranoni Blanket – all those sweet baby snuggles need to be matched with a soft and cozy blanket and this one does not disappoint! Saranoni makes the softest blankets I have ever touched.
  8. Taking Cara Babies Will I Ever Sleep Again? Class – ok, this one is the best gift on here. Hands down! This newborn sleep class is not sleep training (zero crying and lots of snuggles are involved), it is a course packed full of information about baby sleep cycles that teaches the parent how to support their little baby. I am not exaggerating when I say this course completely changed our life after having Elliott!
  9. Audible Subscription – sometimes that postpartum fog makes it hard to sit down and read a book, but listening to one is a lot easier.
  10. Chatbooks Monthbooks Subscription – this is a great way to record those first months (and beyond) when they are changing so quickly.
  11. Panda Bamboo Pillow – these are the pillows that Jordan and I use and they are so comfortable!
  12. Burt’s Bees Tinted Chapstick – sometimes a little tinted chapstick is all I need to feel at least a little put together.
  13. Doona Carseat – the best parent hack, this is a carseat and stroller in one. We have used ours with both kids so far. It’s definitely an investment but worth it.
  14. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock – I love my carseat hammock! It is really secure (and a safe angle for baby) and comfortable and frees up room in your shopping cart.
  15. Ninja Foodi (20% off) – this is on my list this year! Imagine the delicious sweet potato fries…
  16. Made by Mary Mama Bar Necklace – a sweet keepsake necklace to celebrate such a special time of life.

stocking stuffers for her

  1. Tinted Chapstick
  2. Tula Moisturizer
  3. Cosset Bath Bombs
  4. Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
  5. Dime Eyelash Serum
  6. Spyder Winter Hat
  7. Wet Hair Brush
  8. Love Handle Phone Grip
  9. Laneige Lip Mask
  10. Gleem Electric Toothbrush
  11. Cozy Socks
  12. Red Aspen Nail Dashes
  13. Old Navy Earrings – the 2021 version is sold out, but these are pretty!
  14. Klorane Dry Shampoonot included in the recent dry shampoo recall!
  15. Dark Chocolate Assortment
  16. Reusable Straws (25% off)

stocking stuffers for him

  1. Truff Sauce
  2. Stance Socks
  3. Knit Beanie
  4. Old Spice Deoderant
  5. Dad Jokes
  6. Leather Gloves
  7. Gleem Electric Toothbrush
  8. After Shave Restoring Balm
  9. Duke Cannon Bar Soap
  10. Poo-Pourri (41% off)
  11. Rubik’s Cube
  12. Taco Bell Gift Card
  13. Gear Tie
  14. Men’s Nail Care Kit
  15. Caramello Minis
  16. Chomps Mini Beef Jerky Sticks

Hopefully you found some of those ideas helpful!

With love,
Mercedes ♥

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