About Me

Why, hello there!

My name is Mercedes and I am a believer of The Home. A house is made of four walls and a roof, but your home is made of people and memories. It is a place where you should find refuge and safety, where you love, laugh, and cry. I believe that you should love where you live and what you fill your home with should be a reflection of who you are.

I grew up in Northern Michigan where the summers were short yet glorious and the winters were long but the colors in fall made it all worth it. I don’t have unpleasant memories of those long, cold winters because they were filled with snowmen and sledding and hot cocoa. I did not grow up in a large house – in fact, it was quite cozy for a family of six – but it was a wonderful home. When my parents sold that home a few years ago, it felt like loosing a member of the family because although it was a good change, our homes hold an important place in our hearts.

At a ripe old age of 16, I moved from those snowy banks and sandy beaches to the mountains of Utah to attend Brigham Young University. I graduated with my degree in Physiology and Developmental Biology in 2016 and as a published scientific author (super neat, right?!?!?). My plan had been to attend medical school, but Heavenly Father made it clear to me that I needed to follow a different path. This decision was very difficult for me to make because I had been preparing for years to do this, but I had to trust in the Lord. I taught Biology at Provo High School for almost two years before my husband (Jordan) and I moved to Arkansas.

Now, here I am in the south in good ol’ Arkansas! Far, far away from anything resembling a snowman and I have to crank my air conditioner to enjoy my hot cocoa, but we love it here. We have a sweet son (Elliott) and an energetic puppy (Major) and 2,100 square feet of Home.