Holiday Gift Guide for Babies | 2022

Why is baby stuff just so cute to shop for? I have two new nephews this year and can’t wait to grab them a few things off this list that I know they (and their parents!) will love.

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  1. Wooden Cars – These are nice and chunky for little hands to grab and the patterns are so fun.
  2. Sherpa Lined Snowsuit – Babies in fluffy snowsuits. Enough said.
  3. Jellycat Giraffe – Both of my kids have Jellycat stuffed animals that they’ve had since they were babies. It’s rare that you find Elliott without his dragon!
  4. Bouncer (20% off) – I used this with Theia and loved it! It’s a dupe for a much more expensive one, but has all the same great features including being super compact!
  5. Hatch Rest – These sound machine/nightlight combos are incredible. I have one in each of my kids rooms. The sound machine is perfect for babies and the time-to-rise feature is amazing once they’re in a toddler bed.
  6. Pop-up Tunnel – Perfect for babies who are learning to crawl.
  7. Ball Pit – Anyone who has been around babies knows how much they love balls! Grab a pit and the balls to go with it!
  8. The Wonderful Things You Will Be – (52% off) Books are one of the first ways you can actually interact with your baby, so I love giving them as gifts.
  9. Winter Hat – Whether you’d prefer two poms or one, this listing has over 100 colors and patterns to choose from.
  10. Octopus Bath Toy – I love that the rings double as teething toys.
  11. Rainbow Stacking Toy – A perfect, classic toy that can grow with them and their imagination.
  12. Baby Tricycle – Have you ever seen anything cuter than this little bike? This would be excellent for older babies.

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With love,
Mercedes ♥


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