Holiday Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers | 2022

While you’re busy prepping for Christmas, don’t forget about the stockings! Order things for stockings now so you aren’t panicked and buying random junk on Christmas Eve. For the most part I try to keep our stockings nice and simple, but I love to mix in a few small gifts among the candy and toothbrush. Grab a few things off this list and your stocking receivers will be happy, indeed.


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  1. The Hygge Game – The perfect game to play together on Christmas night.
  2. Eyeshadow (21% off) – It’s so fun to play around with a new eyeshadow palette!
  3. Nécessaire Body Lotion – This lotion is packed full of vitamins to nourish her skin, and it’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.
  4. Nail Polish Holder (20% off) – If she likes to do her nails, this is a must have.
  5. Pill Box (30% off) – Functional and pretty, this pill box is great for her purse or diaper bag.
  6. Match Striker (20% off) – These ceramic match strikers look darling next to a candle.
  7. Claw Clips – These are so trendy right now. I love the square shape and cute patterns on these ones!
  8. Jade Roller (13% off) – Jade rollers improve circulation and tone on your face and are the perfect little skincare trinket that she’ll love!
  9. Fuzzy Socks – Everyone deserves a pair of fuzzy socks in their stocking, specifially to wear during the haze of time that exists between Christmas and NYE.
  10. Massage Roller Ball (20% off) – For the girl who always needs a footrub at the end of a long day.
  11. Scalp Massager (50% off) – This silicone scalp scrubber will help her get that perfect deep cleaned hair, and it’s feels so nice!
  12. Ilia Lip Balm (20% off with code WONDERLAND) – I have never owned a lip balm I love as much as this one!


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  1. Funky Rubiks Cubes (33% off) – Up the ante on the classic fidget puzzle with these cool shapes.
  2. Sunglasses (23% off) – Jordan is always misplacing his, so having a few extra pairs wouldn’t hurt!
  3. Electric Trimmer (33% off) – Jordan has gone through many a beard trimmer and says this is the best one.
  4. Glasses Cleaner – This nifty gadget will make cleaning his glasses super easy.
  5. Lifting Gloves (44% off) – These gloves will protect his hands and give him better grip at the gym.
  6. Sneaker Balls (17% off) – He can use these in his shoes or gym bag to keep it smelling fresh.
  7. Fuzzy Socks – Because everyone deserves a pair of fuzzy socks!
  8. Manly Lip Balm (14% off) – Men need lip balm too!
  9. Desk-sized Basketball Hoop – This little hoop will look so cool on his desk.
  10. Taco vs Burrito (36% off) – Seems like a super fun and super hilarious game.
  11. Dr. Squatch Soap – They always have the best scents!
  12. Cleaning Putty (51% off) – Whether it’s for his car of his keyboard, this cleaning putty is gold.

For Kids

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  1. Fun Bandaids – Elliott always “needs” a bandaid for one reason or another.
  2. Curl Cream – Theia is getting this in her stocking this year.
  3. Slinky (28% off) – Teach them how to walk it down the stairs!
  4. Pez Dispensers – I don’t know who came up with Pez, but they sure did perfect a kid’s candy.
  5. Water Wow – These books are amazing. They are a zero mess coloring solution and we love them.
  6. Glow in the Dark Stars (39% off) – Forever be known as the fun mom and let them decorate their ceiling with these!
  7. Mittens – Mittens and socks, why can we never find the match?
  8. Fast Drying Nail Polish – Anytime I do my nails, Theia wants hers done as well. I will only use fast drying nail polish on her.
  9. Brain Quest – This one is for ages 2-3, but they make them for older kids too!
  10. Christmas Coloring Book – Pull this out on Christmas afternoon when you just need a few quiet minutes.
  11. Fuzzy Socks (32% off) – You get it, everyone needs fuzzy socks!
  12. Silicone Straws – These fit the take & toss cups and are the bomb! No more ruining straws from chewing on them.

Hopefully that helps give you some stocking ideas! Check out all my other gift guides here.

With love,
Mercedes ♥


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