Kids’ Bathroom Plans

I love a big, intense room transformation – don’t get me wrong! My last several projects have been big, beastly ones and the time invested into them is evident in the result, but I’ve been craving a quick flip! Something that doesn’t take weeks and weeks to finish, but still yields a satisfying result.

So without further adieu, let me present you with my next project! My kid’s bathroom.

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Brown. This bathroom is so brown. Brown floors, brown walls, brown vanity, brown counter… so much brown! Let’s make it, well… less brown!

I want this bathroom to feel bright and happy with a few whimsical elements. I also want to keep this super budget and beginner friendly, so I’m calling this a phase 1 makeover. Eventually, I would love to do floor to ceiling tile in the water closet and redo the floors completely, but those desires do not fall within the scope of a quick update. So for now, we’ll keep it pretty superficial.

Here’s the moodboard I put together for the space. Classic, bright, and happy.

I’ll paint the walls and ceiling (duh) and the vanity as well. I’m toying with the idea of putting up some shiplap on the ceiling? We shall see.

Then I’m going to epoxy the counters to make them look like marble (I did something similar in my parents’ kitchen) and do a really thin, modern frame around the mirror. The light fixture needs updating, as does the faucet, and I want to pull in some old world glam vibes with that.

The floors are linoleum and (you guessed it) I’m painting those too! It will be a great way to cover up the brown until I’m ready to totally redo the floors in here.

The water closet is the part of this project that has me the most stumped. To be honest, I started designing the room around a wallpaper I had picked for the water closet, but when I decided on the pattern for the floors (which, by the way, I have loved for years and am thrilled to finally be using) I no longer liked the wallpaper in there. So now I’m torn between a few options. 

Painting it a contrasting color (yellow?) would be fun and inviting and I think is a great option. 

Adding beadboard halfway up the wall would add some great texture, but it’s right next to Theia’s room which has a wall treatment on half the wall and I wouldn’t want it to feel too repetitious. But maybe it wouldn’t? 

Then lastly, I could paint some fun stripes or find a wallpaper that would cover the walls and the ceiling. Which do you lean towards? Honestly I’m still so torn! Let me know in the comments below.

But what I’m not torn over is my readiness to spruce up this space! If you’re not already following me over on Instagram, make sure to start so you can see all of the behind the scenes!

With love,
Mercedes ♥


3 thoughts on “Kids’ Bathroom Plans

  1. I like the idea of painting it a contrasting color!! Why not, ya know? Kids’ spaces are supposed to be fun, and I think that could be a great way to bring a loud color into the space!


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