These past 5 weeks have flown by at lightning speed. If you have experience watching HGTV shows (do they offer an award for HGTV shows binged? I think I deserve it) , then you know that their timeline for redoing an entire home is usually somewhere between 6-10 weeks. This precedent may lead you to believe that redoing a room in 5 weeks should be a piece of cake, so let me clarify. They have a team of contractors and subcontractors who probably could’ve finished off my room in mere days, but condense all that work onto one person and it is a lot! This was hard work, but the fast pace also made it really exciting.

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If you don’t remember, this is what the room looked like 5 weeks ago. Over these last several weeks, I worked tirelessly during E’s naps (and sometimes with him on my hip) to get everything completed on time. And while I’m happy that my bedroom floor is no longer littered with tools, the process of transforming a space is what excites me the most, so doing a final “reveal” is a little bittersweet for me because it feels like I’m saying goodbye to the room, in a way.

My goal with this space was to create a room that stylistically was a blend of both J and I and a space where we could feel relaxed and comfortable. Before, we had hardly touched the bedroom and I wanted to give ourselves a happy place to retreat to.

I DIYed this headboard because the one I wanted was way out of my budget. It turned out so well!

I added these baskets to contain all the cords and I have plans to drill holes in the nightstand drawers to run the cords through.

Then I put together the board and batten accent wall and it seriously is the stuff dreams are made of. It gives the room an awesome focal point and now I can’t imagine it any other way. If you saw my Instagram post on it, you know that I painted both coats of Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray paint while holding E. Talk about sore arms! He’s a great little project buddy, though.

The rug was a great way to “change” the carpet without actually getting new carpet.

After a lot of compromise (with myself), I refinished this dresser and put it against the wall opposite the bed. I decided to keep the vintage hardware and refinish an antique mirror to match. The mirror is great because I can stare at my board and batten wall even while laying in bed (haha)! Both of them I found on Facebook Marketplace for great prices – score!

I debated long and hard to find the perfect wall color for the remaining three walls. At first I chose Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, but after painting half the room, I decided that it was just a little too cool. I changed directions, bought new paint (Benjamin Moore Pale Oak), and started over. The wall color is so perfect – I’m glad I followed my gut!

This little space includes the doors that lead to the bathroom, but because of the room shape, it was a little awkward and unused previously. I built this bench (tutorial coming soon!) to sit under the window and painted it white, but it was a little flat so I repainted it Benjamin Moore Thunder. Now it’s perfect! I also DIYed this artwork (and it took me less than an hour).

Story time : the blinds FELL OFF THIS WINDOW right before I was going to take pictures. I guess we’ll be getting new blinds in the near future lol
I also added the trim above the windows and replaced the old stuff around the doors. One day, I have dreams of antique doors here. For now, they still need to be held together by a hair tie.

It has been my dream since we first bought this house to add a chair and a lamp to this corner and by golly, I did it! Cozy reading nook? Check!

So there it is! 5 weeks of craziness, but what I have to show for it made it worth it. It’s been so much fun taking you all along with me for the ride. I’m already dreaming up plans for the next One Room Challenge in the Spring (even though J thinks I’m crazy). A huge thank you to the One Room Challenge team for hosting this and to Better Homes and Gardens as the media partner. It truly has been a blast!

All the other participants will be revealing their rooms before Sunday, so go check them out! Some of them are just stunning.

With love,
Mercedes ♥



  1. What I love the most about it is that you just didn’t pick cute furniture and accents and then add them to the room, but that you actually handcrafted so much of it! You are so talented and determine and I am so impressed with the results! I definitely feel inspired to work on my new master when we find an apt, because it is always the part of the apt that never gets decorated.


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