Planning My She-Shed/Workshop | One Room Challenge Week 1

Have I finished Elliott’s room yet? No. Did I sign up for the One Room Challenge anyway? Absolutely, yes. In all fairness to me and my ever-growing project list, I will be finishing his room this week so I suppose it’s not that crazy to start a new project…right?

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One of the things that sold us on this house was the amazing workspace in there form of a shed. I cannot wait to turn this into my dream she-shed, which of course means lots of space for power tools. And maybe a mini fridge? I feel like all she-sheds should include a mini fridge.

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First of course I’ll need to clean it out. Since it really has zero organization at the moment, it has become a chaotic, disorganized mess of a workshop. So let’s fix it!

One of the best things we discovered is that the previous owners did all the prep work to have electrical run, so as soon as I get my electrician out to connect it all I’ll be able to have outlets and lights – hooray! No more 25’ extension cord across my lawn and no more flashlight powered late night work sessions. I’m planning to do 2 pendant lights in the main space, but also considering adding a sconce above the miter station for some extra task lighting.

I’m planning to add loads of organizational features. I do really well keeping a space tidy when everything has a place, but if there’s no intentional organization I do not do well keeping things tidy. So my main goal here is to set myself up for success and create a workshop that helps me stay organized!

It also should be super pretty though, right? I’m going to paint the walls white and do a cool pattern on the floors. I’ll be updating the exterior as well because the yellow isn’t totally my jam. I’m thinking white with a light blue door, window boxes (probably with fake flowers because I tend to have a brown thumb), and a cute sconce over the door.

Ok, 8 weeks to do all this. Let’s go!! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram so that you don’t miss anything, and check out all the other amazing creators working on their spaces as well. Let’s cheer each other on!

With love, Mercedes ♥

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