I am in the middle of creating my 3 year old’s big boy room. He has been asking to paint his room “light blue” for over 6 months now, so it’s been really fun to do this project with him.

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Not really the vibe I’m going for!

It is important to note that when Elliott says “lightblue,” what he really means is neon teal. Every time we visit the paint store, he picks out the almost the same color – something close to Benjamin Moore Burbank Blue. This is a super fun color, but my eyes might actually pop out of my sockets every time I walk into his room if I agreed to paint something this vibrant on his walls!

Remember that my son is 3 years old and I know that truly, he’ll be happy with any shade of light blue, so I decided to help him narrow down his options. I chose a few colors that were still light blue/teal, painted samples on the wall, and then let him decide between three colors. Much easier and now we have a color that we both love!

Benjamin Moore Atmospheric

Paint Color Inspo

Here are some paint color ideas to present to your kid to help with your next bedroom makeover!

Hopefully these help you narrow down your options and inspire your next project!

With love,
Mercedes ♥


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