Last Christmas I rolled up 6 certificates, tied them with a ribbon, and put them in a box under my parent’s Christmas tree. I love to give meaningful gifts, but this one probably takes the cake. Both of my parents are very busy people who have been wanting to update their very orange kitchen for quite sometime and it was so much fun (although honestly quite a lot of work…) to give that to them!

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Updating your kitchen can look like a $20K kitchen renovation – and oh my goodness could I spend $20K in a kitchen in a heartbeat – but it can also look like very budget friendly updates that completely change the feel of the space.

Look at this before shot! I can hardly believe it’s the same kitchen.

I started by painting their cabinets. This can be an intimidating project, but I promise you can do it (and I wrote a post for you with all the details on that project)! My parents like color and are going for a “modern mountain retreat” look, so we chose this beautiful deep green (Benjamin Moore Backwoods).

We updated their hardware from builders grade and boring to these ah-maze-info knurled knobs and classic pulls from Plank Hardware.

I painted their countertops because they were worn, laminate ones that my mom has mentioned wanting to replace eventually anyway. Painting them is a great stop gap for the in between time while you save up for the real deal! And they look awesome, if I do say so myself. Getting the veining right was a lot easier than I expected and the marble look really brightens up the kitchen.

Adding the backsplash really brings everything together. Both of my parents have a love for (and ties to) Spain and these felt Mediterranean without being overwhelming. And the texture in them really adds beautiful dimension in here.

Lastly I updated the light over their sink to something a bit more modern. It was my first time replacing a light fixture by myself (Jordan is always my go-to guy for that) and even though I was pretty sure my arms were going to fall off afterwards, I did it!

What is your favorite Christmas gift you’ve given? Or received? Comment below – I’d love to know!

With love,
Mercedes ♥



2 thoughts on “THE GREEN KITCHEN

  1. Green kitchens are definitely in these days. As a local contractor myself, I’ve received a couple of remodeling requests from clients specifically wanting to update their kitchens into a green one (literally and figuratively) adding and combining all shades of green paint, cabinetries, and tiling. While at the same time adding plants and living things into the actual space. Green kitchen turns out to be really good.


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