Fall Florals from Amazon

I’m gearing up for the transition from summer to autumn. It’s one of my favorite seasonal transitions. By the time August hits, my northern blood (I grew up in northern Michigan) is more than ready to put the hot days of summer behind me and trade them for cool, crisp autumn nights. Looking for more … Continue reading Fall Florals from Amazon


Primary Bedroom Moodboard & Plans

Finally!!! It's time for me to work on the primary bedroom. I honestly don't know how I haven't done this space yet. I can still remember how it felt in our last home to have a fully finished and happy space to relax in at the end of the day and how peaceful that felt … Continue reading Primary Bedroom Moodboard & Plans

Elliott’s Preppy Toddler Room

I. Built. This. There is nothing that compares to the high of finishing a project after pouring hours upon hours into it. I guess that is what keeps bringing me back to DIY. The sense of accomplishment after taking something that I dreamed up, designed, and then built with my own two hands is addicting, … Continue reading Elliott’s Preppy Toddler Room


Last Christmas I rolled up 6 certificates, tied them with a ribbon, and put them in a box under my parent's Christmas tree. I love to give meaningful gifts, but this one probably takes the cake. Both of my parents are very busy people who have been wanting to update their very orange kitchen for … Continue reading THE GREEN KITCHEN