Fall Florals from Amazon

I’m gearing up for the transition from summer to autumn. It’s one of my favorite seasonal transitions. By the time August hits, my northern blood (I grew up in northern Michigan) is more than ready to put the hot days of summer behind me and trade them for cool, crisp autumn nights.

Looking for more sources for my fireplace decor (like that cute acorn candle)? Find them here.

Of course I also love the excuse it gives me to change up my decor! This year I ordered a bunch of fall florals off Amazon and was super impressed with them!

I love the red maple leaves on this one! The stems are a little bright, but it’s less noticeable from far away. Find it here.
This colorful spray of eucalyptus has thin felt-like leaves, so they feel more realistic than the plasticy versions! Find it here.
This dark purple bunch is so beautiful!! It adds a lot of drama and I’m here for it. Find it here.
These yellow leaves are so bright and happy! And the stem color is very realistic. Find it here.
These leaves are made of something that resembles suede – they’re so realistic looking! Probably the most real looking of all the ones I looked at. Find it here.
I expected these to be faux and they’re not! You can’t get more real looking than the real deal. Find it here.
These orange leaves have such pretty color variation on each leaf! Find it here.

I ended up using the yellow branches on my mantle, but the other ones are all so stunning I think I need to find spots for them too.

Happy fall decorating!

With love,

Mercedes 🖤

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