Staircase Moulding Plan

I have had grand plans for this staircase for a few years now and even though I can’t do all of it right now (things like removing walls and tearing out carpet are going to have to wait for a bit…), I am finally getting around to starting the process!

Traditional picture frame moulding, box trim, wainscoting…whatever you call it… I want it here! I think it’s going to seriously elevate the staircase. I also have plans to bring it all throughout my living space, which I think is going to do a ton for our main floor! Stay tuned for more on that.

Anyway, I spent the last several days taping and re-taping boxes until I think I finally settled on the layout I like best.

This large wall with three windows was the trickiest one since I had to work around those windows. Yesterday I thought this was going to be it this…

But then today there was something that didn’t feel quite right so I combined the middle boxes and I thing it looks so much more stately! I love it. And it means less work so I’ll call that a win win.

I also think I need to trim out the three side windows and redo the trim on the back windows so that they all match.

It’s kind of funny because the design isn’t all that complicated, but it really does take so much trial and error to get it to look just right.

Next week I’ll start installing the moulding! I did something similar in Theia’s room, so hopefully it goes quickly!

With love,

Mercedes 🖤


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