Can you believe it’s already week 6 of this challenge?!? Had it not been extended due to the virus, this would be the reveal week – thank goodness it’s not! I still have a lot to do and am enjoying the slightly slower pace the 8 week timeline allows for. I made a lot of great progress this week, though, and things are really starting to shape up in here!

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Did you notice the cabinet doors are on? Such a little thing, such a big difference!

This week was all about scrap wood! If you follow my Instagram stories (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?) then you know I used scrap wood for almost everything I built this week. The only exception was the top piece of plywood for the shelves, so basically this washer/dryer ledge, two floating shelves, and a countertop cost me all of $18. Woot woot!

Since I basically completed 3 small projects this week, I’ve actually broken down the tutorials for you in mini blog posts. So if you’re interested in learning some more of the technical details for these beauties, you can follow these links below or just keep scrolling to skip them.

Plywood countertoP TUTORIAL

diy washer/dryer ledge TUTORIAL

thin floating shelves TUTORIAL

I am in love with the warmth that this wood brings into the space. I used a mixture of Early American and Weathered Oak (that I saw Angela Rose use) to get a light color that is warm, but not too warm.

I don’t need a ton of countertop space in here because the room is honestly too small to fold laundry in, but this 19″ countertop will be perfect for when I do need some counter space!

And these shelves… you guys. These shelves have my heart. Like all of it. I am itching to style them! But even unstyled, I just want to stare at them all day. I went thinner than a classic floating shelf, so they are proportioned perfectly for this little spot.

Okay, so this washer/dryer ledge felt like it took me 8 years to build because in the middle of the build, our dryer broke! Long story short, there was a wire in the back that was fried in half! Obviously something went wrong and burned the wire into two pieces and I’m immensely grateful that it didn’t cause our house to burn down. At least I had my other two projects to keep me busy while we waited to get the dryer replaced! But after I had the dryer situation sorted, building this ledge was so simple! So if you’re looking for a simple project to elevate your laundry room, I would definitely consider this one.

Now I’m working on finishing up the doors for the linen cabinet (and let me tell you, they’re going to be gorgeous), then I’ve got a couple final details to finish up and then it’ll be done! All of the other participants have some killer rooms as well, so go check them out too!

With love,
Mercedes ♥

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  1. Looks so good! My laundry room is on my makeover list. I love the look of your wood top . . . if I could find a pretty way to seal it to protect it from water damage. Our sink gets used A LOT.

    Adding your blog to my Reveal post as one to checkout!


    1. Thank you so much!! Yeah, the counters work because we don’t have a sink in here! Even though I’ll seal them with poly, I would be nervous to use them in a high water area.


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