Epoxy Countertop in the Bathroom

I know, I know. Painting over granite is controversial. And I promise you that I am not going make you to paint over your granite, but if you don't love it... I'll totally be your hype girl! The thing about updating your home is that you should do what you love. Not what someone else … Continue reading Epoxy Countertop in the Bathroom


I Painted the Vanity in the Kids’ Bathroom!

Operation “de-brown” this bathroom is underway! This week I got almost all of the brown out of here. Is there anything better than a fresh coat of paint on the walls? I think not. And the vanity…can we talk about the vanity? Want to see an update? I epoxied the counters here! I’m in love … Continue reading I Painted the Vanity in the Kids’ Bathroom!