Pegboard and Workbench Progress | One Room Challenge Week 6

One of the best parts of any project (for me at least) is getting to put a space back together. There’s something so satisfying about getting to take a space that has been nonfunctional and start making it functional again! While I’m not quite at the end of this shed makeover – I haven’t even touched the exterior yet – I’m finally at a point where I can at least start to put things back together. My garage will soon be thanking me as well as it is currently the dumping ground for all my tools and project stuff.

We just wrapped up week 6 of the One Room Challenge (if you haven’t seen the other participants and their projects, see them here) which means we only have 2 weeks left! Eeek! I work well against a deadline, so I’m not feeling too stressed. Just a little…

Last week I built the paint storage shelf, this week I installed this pegboard! Painting it blue was kind of a spur of the moment decision, but I’m so glad I went this direction. The blue will tie in with the blue I’ll be using on the exterior doors (more on that next week) and I think it adds some fun personality to an otherwise very functional item.

I also assembled these IKEA Alex drawers and added feet to raise them up so that I can turn them into my workbench. I’m finally graduating from a piece of plywood on two sawhorses – yay! I have so many drawers now, it’s going to be so nice to get all my supplies organized. I keep thinking about all the time I’m going to save because I’m not going to be constantly hunting down tools.

For the actual miter saw to sit on, I built this simple frame out of 2x4s. My shop vac is going to find it’s new home right underneath so that I can set up a good dust collection system to try to keep the mess under control.

Theia demonstrating where the shop vac will go

I’ll have a tutorial on that once the workbench is complete. I’ll also be adding a countertop on both sides and a toe kick to close off the bottom.

So that’s week 6! Next week I’m going to be finishing off the bench and painting the exterior. Subscribe and follow along on Instagram so you don’t miss anything!

With love,
Mercedes ♥

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