One of the most common things that I receive compliments about in our home is my gallery wall! I love that it showcases some of my favorite family photos while still being an intentional part of the design.

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I wanted all of the pictures to have a cohesive flow between them, but since they were all taken on different occasions, I edited them to make each one black and white. Another great option for getting a unified look with a photo gallery wall is to get family pictures done and then fill it with pictures from just that s hoot. This keeps them all on the same color scale, so they flow together nicely. It would be cute to make that a yearly tradition and update the wall with new pictures each year. The point is that you want the colors in the pictures to go well together so that it isn’t overwhelming to look at.

I used these 14×18 frames from Walmart. When E starts walking, I think I will replace the glass from on the bottom frames with acrylic fronts, just for safety. We had to order about half of our frames online because our local Walmart didn’t carry all 12 of them in stock (let me pause for a moment before I tell you this story to say that I love Walmart. My husband works for Walmart’s strategy team and I have had positive experiences with the company and how they treat their customers and associates).

Okay, so I think I had to order 7 frames online and, as you probably know, things that go through the mail don’t always come out the other end in one piece. When the frames arrived at my house, only one of them was not broken. These frames were so sad – it wasn’t like a couple frames had cracked glass, it looked like the box fell of the truck and then was run over. Poor frames!!! I took them in and exchanged them for unbroken frames without an issue and all was well.

After choosing which pictures I wanted to frame, I edited them on my phone to make them black and white. I usually use Lightroom, but I love VSCO’s black and white filters as well. I had them printed to fit in the frames (they were each 11×14) at Sam’s Club. I have found Walmart, Sam’s, and Costco to have the best pricing on photo prints. The whole gallery is centered on the wall and each frame has about 3 inches of spacing around it with 12 inches between the ceiling and trim.

So there you have it! This is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to inject a ton of personality and heart into a blank wall.

With love,
Mercedes ♥


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