An Easy Closet Update You Can Do This Weekend

After I shared my embarrassing coat closet on Instagram, my inbox flooded with DMs from people who have a closet (or two) just like it. You know the one, it’s the shove-everything-in-here-and-close-the-door closet. The Monica closet.

The previous owners used this closet as a second pantry, so when we moved in it had five or six wire shelves. Great for storage, not so great if you want to hang your coat anywhere. We took out the shelves and quickly hung a rod so that it could be a coat closet. That was two years ago and I was so ready to make this spot more functional for our family.

Everything I did in here could easily be accomplished in a weekend, or if you have an hour each night to work you could get it done in a week. I love a quick but impactful project! You can watch the process saved in my Instagram highlight here!

I painted & patched the holes (in that order because I’m impatient) and put together some cube storage for hats, mittens, snowpants, etc.. I found these fun basket cubes that are fun but subtle and dark to protect against kid fingers.

Then I built a craft storage tower and installed a long shelf across the top. The shelf tower was really easy to build. I cut two melamine panels down to the height I wanted and then screwed in the shelves from the sides. The only tricky part is making sure everything is lined up and square, but a speed square can help you with that! I screwed the craft tower into the cube storage below and shelf above, both of which are attached to studs.

I hung my vacuum and mop on one side of the closet and mounted a basket for all the vacuum accessories that didn’t have a home. It’s only been up a few days but this basket has already been a life saver! I switch attachments all the time and having them all in reach and contained is a game changer.

The rod used to run the length of the closet, but we really didn’t need it to. So I cut it smaller and installed it across half the closet. The coats that we don’t wear regularly went into our bedroom closet!

What used to be a pit of despair that I never wanted guests to see is now the coolest closet in the house!

With love,
Mercedes ♥



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