She’s Painted! (mostly) | One Room Challenge Week 3

Finally! Some serious progress has happened in my she-shed and it has me so excited for what’s to come! These walls and ceiling used to be exactly how you would imagine the inside of a shed – raw OSB and wood. So of course I had to paint it!

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I love how the crisp white really brightens it up and makes it feel so light and airy! I sprayed on a coat of Zinsser’s 1-2-3 primer and then used exterior paint to add a coat of white paint (I went with Benjamin Moore White Dove). I considered leaving it as just primer, but it knew I’d be happier with it if it had a coat of paint on as well. My HomeRight paint sprayer is really coming in clutch for this project. I think I might be using it every week.

Obviously it still needs its paint coat on the roof line, but guys. My arms need a BREAK! No need to go to the gym this week, that’s for sure.

Paint on the left vs. just primer on the right

And speaking of brightening things up, did you notice the other exciting update? I have electricity! This is a game changer. Seriously. No more massive extension cord cutting across my lawn and serving as a tripping hazard for my kids.

My only hang up is that my electrician installed these fluorescent lights, which was fine. I planned to just use them as a place holder until I could get around to ordering and installing the pendants from my moodboard but… I kind of love them?

They put off so much light, which is a huge plus for this space since it is going to be my workshop. So now I’m torn. One thing for sure though is that they are staying. Even though they’re not super pretty, I have to say that function beats form in this instance. But do I leave the fluorescent lights as is or try to add in some pendants as well for style? What would you do?

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With love,

Mercedes ♥

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5 thoughts on “She’s Painted! (mostly) | One Room Challenge Week 3

  1. Wow! I’m impressed with this. The sprayer is getting the job done which is great.. I’m sure it’s way better that roller painting. I can’t wait to see the happy ending


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