I’ve been pinning inspiration photos for the half bathroom like crazy, so I figured why not share them with you? I’m noticing that my style has changed significantly from the first few projects I tackled in our Arkansas home. There I leaned more farmhouse-y, but now I feel like I have honed in more on what my design style really is which I’m describing as modern traditional.

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One of my very first projects. It’s so fun to see how my style has changed and also find the ways in which it has stayed the same. The floors were my very first tile job and I’m still super proud of the tile I added above the tub/shower insert.

I am sure my style will continue to change and evolve with me, but for now this is what is speaking to me.

Disclaimer : I have tried to follow the image back to the original source. I apologize if any of the credited designers are inaccurate.

via Studio Black Interiors
via Sunny Cirlce Studio
via Designing Vibes
via Ann Ueno
via Kirsten Holmstesdt
via Amy Storm & Company
via Cle Tile
via Beautiful Chaos Home
via The Sweetest Digs
via Green Door Home Staging



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