After revealing my laundry room last week for the One Room Challenge, I got so many requests for more info on the backsplash! So here it is – a quick and easy tutorial for how to add this to your own home 🙂

This is in no way sponsored by RoomMates, but I was very pleased with their tile! It was easy to cut, easy to apply, and forgiving. I have a few critiques, but I’ll get into those in the tutorial.



Of course the first thing you need to do is figure out how many sheets you need. Each sheet is 10.5″ x 10.5″, I ended up needing 19 sheets. They’re sold in packs of 4, so I purchased 5 packs. I would recommend ordering at least one extra sheet, just so that you can recut one if you make a mistake.

Before you start attaching the tiles, do something that I didn’t do – draw level lines! I ended up laying mine not quite level, so I had to fix it with a piece of trim I added under the cabinet. If you just draw a level line across your wall and line up your sheets to that, you’ll avoid the mistake I made.

Can you see how the line along the shelf and along the cabinet isn’t level? The shelf line won’t bug me, but the gap along the cabinet was definitely not going to stay that way. So I covered it with some 1/2″ trim to hide my shame – haha!

I started on the right and worked my way to the left, though the direction you move doesn’t matter at all.

To cut the tiles, lay out your square (or just a straight board) and draw a line with your pencil. Then cut along that line with scissors or a utility knife. I used a knife at first but found if easier to use scissors. I cut the edges off the right and bottom sides of my first sheet so I wouldn’t have to patch in any half tiles.

Attaching the tile sheet is really easy. There is paper that peels off the back, just like a sticker, and you just slap it up there! Of course you need to lay it conscientiously so that it lines up correctly, but once you’re happy with it, push it on the wall nice and firmly.

When you go to lay the next sheet, you need to overlap the “grout” lines. My biggest grievance with this product is that this outer grout line is just a hair thicker than the inner grout lines, so even when you overlap it perfectly, the line still looks a little bit thicker. Not a huge deal, but this is probably not something I would use as a permanent solution for a focal area of the home (though it could be great in a kitchen, for example, as something to tide you over until you can get something a little nicer installed).

If you have any funky cuts, it is extremely easy to notch out the sheet by cutting it with scissors! Honestly, it definitely felt more like a craft puzzle then real tiling (in the best way).

It took me less than 2 hours to install this backsplash, which is a huge plus for me! My only other issue with this product is that it’s a little stinky when it’s first installed, but that fades. Even up close, these look like real tiles. They feel a little softer and warmer than real tile, but how often does someone touch your laundry room backsplash? And even if they do, does anyone care? Lol. This really is such an easy project that anyone can do and makes such a big difference!

Post and tag me on Instagram (@with.love.mercedes) if you end up adding these tiles somewhere in your home – I want to see!

With love,
Mercedes ♥

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