I’m taking a page out of one of my favorite bloggers (Chris Loves Julia) and sharing all of the projects that I have planned for this year! I have a full year planned and I’m super excited to take you all along with me!

The first projects I am going to tackle are things that would give the house the most value when we decide to sell it. We know we won’t be in this house forever and it’s a little stressful for J knowing that we’re kind of tied down right now because there are projects we really want to finish, but that aren’t done. So we’ll start with the ones that will be the best for resale and then move on to the ones that are mostly for us!


While my sister was visiting a few weeks ago, we mostly finished the door casings and the trim. So the very first thing I need to do this year is wrap that up. There are a few more pieces of trim to go on in the guest room and then I need to fill holes, caulk, and paint.

The other project that is half done is the kitchen backsplash. After “finishing” it, I decided it wasn’t done and took the backsplash around the window up to the ceiling. That still has yet to be grouted, so I need to do that as well. I’m also categorizing touch up paint in the kitchen here because there are still spots I need to touch up from painting the cabinets over a year ago.


Ah I can’t believe I’m sharing this picture with you – don’t judge my closet!

You guys need to get ready for this because I am STOKED! We have a large walk in closet, but the space is definitely not utilized as efficiently as it could be. There is just one wire closet shelf running along three walls. Not terrible, but not great either. I’m planning to add a good combination of shelving. rods, and drawers to make it work better for us.


This one is also a project I can’t wait for. Our exterior is going to get a major facelift! The plan is to limewash the brick and paint the garage door, potentially paint the windows (I can paint the casing but not the sashes because they’re in between the panes, so I’m still torn on this), and add a brick porch/step to the front walk. I also need to decide if the gutters are staying white or if I’m going to paint them. Either way, it’s going to be epic.


Progress photo as I tiled the floor

This probably could’ve gone under “finish what I started,” but there are still a couple of things I need to add to our master bathroom in order for it to be finished. If you follow my stories on Instagram, then you know that over the summer/fall I completely redid the shower in there. But other than that, I haven’t actually revealed much of the master bathroom. I still need to change out the lighting, add shelving, frame out the mirror, and figure out where the heck to put towel hooks.

Laundry Room

The top of the dryer makes a really unorganized shelf lol

When I participated in the fall One Room Challenge, I was torn between the master bedroom and the laundry. Obviously I picked the master and that was the best decision ever because we LOVE that room. During the spring One Room Challenge, I’m going to makeover the laundry room. Currently, it is a room with the washer, dryer, and a clothes drying rack. That’s it. Oh, and really fun floors. I’m excited to make it a little more functional for us.


This is the only storage we have in the garage. And this picture is terrifying.

Holy cow, you guys. My garage is a complete disaster. It needs some major love and attention! Remember how I said I completely redid our shower last summer? Well, the fiberglass insert that used to be in there is still sitting in pieces in our garage. We have a three car garage that no one can park in – the glamorous life of a DIYer, right? Haha. I’m excited to bring some better organization (and a better paint color) to that space.


It’s certainly coming along, but I still want to make it better.

It’s not really a play “room,” more like a play “corner,” but I want to put the finishing touches on this space this year too. As E is getting older, he’s using it more and I want it to be a super fun space where he feels like he can use his imagination and have fun!


Major’s favorite place in the house is looking out our dining room window and barking at everything that passes by. We don’t love the barking (and we’re working on stopping it), but I still want to add built ins around the dining room window with a bench that he can use while valiantly protecting our house (haha). We don’t have a ton of storage in the house and I think adding some there will be really awesome.

So there you have it! These are all the major projects I have planned for this year. I have a couple other smaller projects that I will sprinkle in along the way as well, but looking at this list makes me so excited! I hope it makes you excited too. Which project are you most excited about? Mine is either the exterior or my closet! Be sure to follow along on here as well as on instagram (@with.love.mercedes) to see all of the progress – this year is going to be a big one!

With love,
Mercedes ♥


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