Are you following me on Instagram? If not, you should. Just scroll down on this page a little bit farther and look on the righthand side. During this challenge I’m going to be sharing a ton of behind the scenes content through my Instagram stories, so look there for lots of goodies. Okay, now that that’s taken care of, we can get started!

Over the next 5 weeks, I will be taking on the One Room Challenge! The idea is that all the participants pick a room in their house that they are going to finish. It all started when this woman (who I don’t know anything about, but she was probably awesome) decided she was sick of having a bunch of half finished projects. It sounds like we would be great friends because I too half about 732 unfinished projects around my house. With the desire to finish off just one room, she gathered a group of similar minds and created an accountability group in the form of a 5 week challenge to finish a space. I love this! You can follow along with all the other designers and guest participants here.

My house probably looks a lot like this woman’s house did. There are a lot of rooms that are almost finished, but not a single one is completely done. Poor J! At first I thought maybe I should do the master bathroom since it is so close to being finished, but where’s the fun in finishing off a space that is already almost finished? Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to back away from a challenge, so I wanted to do a room that had barely been touched. The spaces that popped into my head were the guest room, laundry room, master bedroom, and E’s nursery.

E’s nursery is probably the closest to being completed, so I nixed that one. I thought the guest room would be fun to do, partly because J doesn’t really care what happens in there so I get complete decision power. While it would be enjoyable, the guest room isn’t used that often (friends and family – come use it!) so dedicating this challenge to a more frequently used space seemed to make more sense. My final two choices were the laundry room and the master bedroom.

Laundry Room

I have already redone the floors as well as painted the walls and the door (insert heart-eyed emoji here ♥), but that’s it. It is so nice to have a dedicated laundry room and I appreciate that, but right now it just feels like an empty gray box with cute floors and a nice door. It functions in that I can wash and dry my clothes in there, but there is a desperate need of storage and something – anything – on the walls!

Master Bedroom

I painted this room a color that I don’t love anymore. There’s nothing wrong with the color, in fact I quite liked it for a while, but our room is spacious (we love it) and I find myself wishing for some more variation on the walls. The furniture we have in this room consists of our bed and two nightstands and the only thing I’ve hung is this let’s stay in bed sign that I am in love with.

I asked my instagram followers which one I should do and it was pretty split with the most popular answer being both, but your girl would not be able to eat, sleep, or take any showers over the next 5 weeks if she tried to commit to doing both rooms. Ultimately, I decided to go with a space that we use every day and that I want to absolutely love so (drum roll please), the master bedroom it is!

Here is a mood board of what my vision for the space includes! The focal point will be a rich board and batten accent wall with a lighter color, probably gray, on the rest of the walls. We’re going to switch out our bed for one that is upholstered because we’ve learned we love upholstered headboards – they’re cozy! I’m finally going to put together a little reading corner that I’ve been dying to do for as long as we’ve lived in this house and I’m going to get us a dresser! That’s right, we don’t have a dresser – we’ve been using plastic Sterilite drawers for almost two years.


  1. Alrai Upholstered Bed
  2. Safavieh Adirondack Cheyenne Vintage Boho Oriental Rug
  3. Winter Windswept
  4. News Flash
  5. Antique White Window Wood Wall Decor
  6. McGee and Co Westerly Dipped Vase
  7. Sausalita Extra Wide Dresser
  8. Barwood Wingback Chair
  9. Threshold Crosby Schoolhouse Floor Lamp

And of course, here are a bunch of before pictures for you to enjoy!

The vaulted ceilings are incredible
Here is the blank wall we’ve stared at for almost 2 years. Time to make it more exciting!
I am going to figure out a better system for these nightstands and a way to hide all of my 3,000 cords. If you have any tips, send them my way!
This is the corner that is going to be my reading nook and I am pumped about it
This space is super awkward – head to my Instagram stories to see it better – but it’ll be so cute once I make a bench that fits under the window

The space is great and with a little bit of work, it’s going to be an incredible room. If you didn’t follow me on Instagram like I told you to before, head there now and click that follow button! I’ll be sharing the process in my stories, so keep an eye out for them there. Are you excited? I’m excited.

With love,
Mercedes ♥

Here’s that link again to follow all the other people joining the challenge with me!


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