Exterior Moodboard

This is going to be my biggest project to date. In full transparency, I’m completely terrified to take this on. But you know what they say, do it scared. So that’s what I’m doing! Let me show you the before of the house. Brown. Very, very brown. Last time I painted (lime washed) a house … Continue reading Exterior Moodboard

DIY Bedroom Fireplace Build Part 1

Adding a fireplace to our primary bedroom has been on my dream wish list since we moved into this house. Something about the vaulted ceilings just made me feel like a fireplace belonged in here. I say my dream wish list because for some reason I didn’t think it would ever be realistic to install … Continue reading DIY Bedroom Fireplace Build Part 1

How I Upgraded My Builder Grade Mirror for Less than $40

I love these types of updates. This only took me a couple of hours (most of that was dry time) and the results are killer! An on trend, black framed mirror of similar size retails for around $700 but this hack does a pretty good job replicating it for a fraction of the price. Want … Continue reading How I Upgraded My Builder Grade Mirror for Less than $40

Epoxy Countertop in the Bathroom

I know, I know. Painting over granite is controversial. And I promise you that I am not going make you to paint over your granite, but if you don't love it... I'll totally be your hype girl! The thing about updating your home is that you should do what you love. Not what someone else … Continue reading Epoxy Countertop in the Bathroom