Yay! Reveal day is here! The extended 8-week timeline of the challenge this round has made this last few weeks a breeze for me. When I did my bedroom in the fall, I was stressed and scrambling. This round, I was done a week ago! I have no clue how this happened. I am a huge procrastinator. I guess I’ll take it though!

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Here was the original mood board… obviously you can see I made a few changes as I went!

I had two pain points in the laundry room before. The first being that it offered absolutely no storage. In a home that only has one non-bedroom closet, I felt like I could definitely utilize this remodel to provide more storage solutions. The other pain point was just that it was a little boring. I added the patterned tile several years ago and the door was already a fun color, but the room still felt a little… boring and blank.

The board and batten is perfect along this long wall. This room is super narrow – it’s basically just a walkway with a nook for the machines – so a feature wall works great. It adds interest without taking up any space.

And of course since I wanted more space, I added some stock cabinets from Home Depot that I painted with my nifty paint sprayer. I couldn’t find a linen cabinet that I liked, so I figured why not build one! This is what happened and I’ve gotta say, it has my heart.

The countertops and washer/dryer ledge are made from plywood, as are the shelves. I like that the shelves provide an opportunity for a little happy moment in an otherwise very functional room.

And of course I needed somewhere to hand clothes that can’t be machine dried, so this rod (left over from my closet project) worked wonderfully.

The hardware is simple and I think it adds just the right amount of elegance.

This light fixture pick was a last minute change – I had planned to do a basket light, but I fell in love with this guy’s shape played off the floor tile.

The hexagon backsplash was the final touch and holy cow did it pull the room together! I used peel and stick tiles (here’s the tutorial) and while they definitely aren’t perfect, they sure are quick and easy! And they still look bomb.

And if you weren’t following along on Instagram, yes, our dryer had to be replaced mid-challenge!

I wonder if you noticed… the door is a different color! I changed it ever so slightly. I actually ended up mixing my own color by using Benjamin Moore Windy Skies and adding a touch of my cabinet color (Benjamin Moore Providence Blue) until it was just the right light blue to play off the cabinet color beautifully.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along the process of redoing this laundry room! It has been so much fun and what used to be a very boring room now totally rocks! Don’t forget to head over to the One Room Challenge page to see all the other stunning reveal posts 🙂

With love,
Mercedes ♥



  1. I love everything about this room! Those blue cabinets are awesome. Can you tell me the source for the knobs on your cabinets?? thanks


    1. So we are building out a laundry room and I love your set up- what is the room dimensions by chance? I’m wondering if we would be able to do something similar.


      1. Hey! We no long we live in that house so I don’t have the dimensions, but the washer and dryer are normal sized and the door is a 36” wide fire rated door, so those two things together make up the width, if that’s helpful at all.


  2. I’m wondering what paint sprayer you recommend. We are looking to paint our kitchen cabinets.


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